Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Services

Our team will make sure that your SDS’s for substances and mixtures are compliant with the latest regulations and classification rules, and in line with your existing product registration certificates.

Because in most cases, simple SDS translation from one language directly into another is not the best option, we make sure your SDS’s are prepared according to national legislation of individual countries and not only translated.

We offer the following services:

  • Adaptation to specific national requirements in the national language
  • SDS updating, reformatting or editing to accommodate changes in legislation (REACH, CLP, ADR etc.), classification changes of the product, product composition, company specific information etc.
  • Verification of dated documents or SDS’s after specific legislative changes, changes in approval documents of the product etc.
  • Expansion of Extended Data Sheets (eSDS) to comply with your substance’s Chemical Safety report (CSR)
  • Conversion support to GHS/CLP