About the company

The world of chemical regulations is constantly changing and developing, and as such it is getting more and more challenging for the chemical industry to ensure compliance in all the different legislative and regional areas at all times.

Our team of specialists understands the complexity arising from those challenges and is committed to support chemical industry to comply with the regulatory requirements in place in the EU as well as at the national level of individual countries in Eastern and Central EU (CEE) countries and beyond.

We are fortunate and proud to bring together the most capable and enthusiastic team of experts and professionals who specialise in covering the CEE region from the regulatory and linguistic point of view. Together we can confidently solve all your regulatory challenges and deliver a friendly, professional, efficient and cost-effective service.

The quality of our service is based on experienced team members located in different countries, as well as a reliable network of local experts supporting the team in different countries and areas on an as-needed basis. You can rely on our expertise, knowing that we understand your goals and can help you make them happen.

Our additional strength is enormous linguistic competence within the team, additionally strengthened by a large network of external translators experienced in chemical terminology.

Our vision
Our vision is to deliver solutions to our clients which suit their needs best, so that they can stop worrying about regulatory issues and focus on other aspects of placing their products on the market. We are committed to offering flexibility, expert knowledge, smooth communications and workflow, and prompt solutions to various regulatory challenges.

We are committed to fulfilling the highest possible standards of confidentiality to our clients by rigorously vetting our partners and subcontractors, using secure communications technology and professional management of our relationships with both clients and subcontractors.
Confidentiality requirements are laid out explicitly in our mandatory terms of service. If your legal department has a preferred non-disclosure agreement (NDA) template or compliance standards for external vendors, we can ensure that all our experts comply with those standards before beginning work on your projects.