Fertilising products

Fertilising products are regulated in the EU with Regulation (EU) No. 2019/1009, which harmonises requirements and sets limits on a range of contaminants in fertilising products. They are designated also as ‘EU fertilising products’, and are CE marked, thus encouraging a move towards more environmentally-friendly agriculture.

It covers seven categories of fertilising products, namely:

  • fertilisers, including: inorganic fertilisers, organo-mineral fertilisers, organic fertilisers;
  • soil improvers;
  • liming materials;
  • growing media;
  • inhibitors;
  • plant biostimulants;
  • fertilising product blends.

We offer the following services:

For EU Fertilising Products (marked as CE fertilisers)

  • preparation of technical documentation according to Module A, B + C and D1
  • communication and coordination with notified bodies
  • SDS and label preparation according to REACH and CLP
  • regulatory advice

Support with national registrations in the CEE region

  • national submissions
  • information about local requirements regarding fertilising products
  • communication and coordination with Competent Authorities
  • SDS and label preparation in local languages

Mutual recognition of fertilising products according to Regulation 2019/515

  • preparation of Mutual Recognition Declarations (for fertilising products lawfully marketed in another Member State)
  • SDS and label preparation in local languages