Fertilisers Supplementary soil substances

Fertilisers which fulfil the criteria set by Regulation (EC) no. 2003/2003 (the Fertiliser Regulation) fall under the category of “EC fertilisers”. Registration procedures for those inorganic/mineral fertilisers are harmonised in the EU. The Regulation is under review and will in future include also organic fertilisers, soil improvers, agronomic additives and plant biostimulants among other types of plant enhancing products.

Fertilisers, which do not meet the criteria given in the Fertiliser Regulation (non-EC fertilisers) can be registered at the national level in individual EU Member States following national rules. In some cases, national efficacy testing is required.

Our team provides regulatory support with preparation and submission packages, classification and labelling of fertilisers, soil improving products and plant stimulating products at national level before placing them on the market.